Things to Do in Sunny Isles, Florida: "Little Moscow"

Things to Do in Sunny Isles, Florida: "Little Moscow"

  • Emily Deleon
  • 05/17/23

Sunny Isles Beach, often just called “Sunny Isles,” is one of Florida’s best coastal cities. The city’s nickname refers to the influx of new residents from the Soviet Union in the mid-20th century, but real estate buyers from around the world are known to call Sunny Isles Beach home. Aside from placing you within a stone’s throw of the shining Atlantic coast from anywhere in the city, Sunny Isles has a ton of incredible restaurants, resorts, shops, parks, and more. Read on to check out a small selection of the best things to do in Sunny Isles Beach.

Sunbathe and swim at the beach

Sunny Isles is located between the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Florida’s sprawling Intracoastal Waterway on the other. The indefinite expanse of the broad Atlantic contrasts the dynamic ecosystem of the Intracoastal Waterway to offer a variety of beachside experiences, although the best beach access will be on the Atlantic side, hands down.

Lovers of boating and fishing will also feel right at home in Sunny Isles. Newport Fishing Pier is an excellent spot for both beach access and fishing. The pier offers easy access to the ocean at a good distance from the shore with no need to be waterborne. Nevertheless, many local homeowners enjoy private docking in order to take advantage of sunny afternoons on the waves. Wherever you are in Sunny Isles, you’re never more than a few minutes’ drive, walk, or bike ride from the beach, so enjoy it however you’d like.

Walking and sight-seeing

The Florida coast is gorgeous everywhere, but Sunny Isles is especially walkable and pedestrian-friendly. You can take a stroll across the 174th Street Pedestrian Bridge, a 21st-century update to the city that allows for smoother pedestrian travel to enhance the city’s walkability and traffic flow.

Sunny Isles is set up to be easy to explore and enjoy, with pedestrian walkways, urban greenspaces, solar phone charging stations, and other amenities that enhance the sense of accessibility and community in the city. You will notice overall that Sunny Isles is a well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing urban landscape, all in a geographical area that is practically paradise.

Go shopping

You can tell an upscale area by the retail shopping that’s available there, and Sunny Isles is no exception. There is a lot of great luxury shopping to be done, along with all the essentials you need. You can combine your shopping excursions with an afternoon of walking and sightseeing in Sunny Isles for a great experience.

Within a drive of 10 minutes or less from Sunny Isles, you can reach Aventura Mall, an extravagant shopping center that attracts shoppers from throughout the area. You can, of course, find your favorite big box stores, luxury shops, niche outlets, and much more. The mall hosts the Aventura Farmers Market, giving you the opportunity to taste a sampling of local goods even as you enjoy the polished luxury and convenience of one of the region’s most renowned shopping malls.

Check out the fun-filled local events

If you want to experience Sunny Isles like a local, you can check out the city’s calendar of events to see a variety of opportunities for fun, education, and community building. From farmers’ markets and movie features to bingo nights and yoga on the beach, Sunny Isles offers an array of interesting and enjoyable outings.

Enjoy a day at the park

Parks and greenspaces are part of what make small cities like Sunny Isles feel like home. Sunny Isles packs in as many great parks as could possibly fit within city limits, and these parks offer much more than just a lawn and some picnic tables.

Heritage Park and Town Center Park are among the premier parks found right in the middle of the action in Sunny Isles, offering 360-degree views of the city amidst green grass and lush palm trees. Pelican Community Park is a great one for families with kids. Samson Oceanfront Park, with its magnificent views overlooking the water, may be the most beautiful of all. There is the sprawling 5-acre Gateway Park, with a performance stage perfect for outdoor events, in addition to a butterfly garden and other distinctive features.  These are the ideal spots for days out in the sun with family and friends.

Dine out

When you’re not picnicking at a local park or enjoying a quick snack at the beach, you will find exquisite dining options in Sunny Isles. Florida’s southeastern coast is a great place to experience amazing international cuisine and local flavors. From delectable Italian dishes at Casa D’Angelo to French cuisine at BALEENKitchen, there is no shortage of delightful dining spots.

Fine dining restaurants in Sunny Isles Beach offer various culinary experiences, and there’s an equal amount of variety in the casual dining options scattered throughout the city. Best of all, eating so close to the ocean affords you an unparalleled selection of freshly caught seafood that’s sure to impress at the table.

Treat yourself to one of the local resorts

If you’re visiting Sunny Isles Beach, why not enjoy the best luxury experience possible? Sunny Isles Beach has several great resorts and spas to provide you with all of the luxury, entertainment, and relaxation you can handle. Enjoy premier gourmet food, beach access, astounding views, relaxing outdoor pools, and so much more at one of several highly esteemed luxury resorts.

Invest in the local real estate market

When locals in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, aren’t shopping at luxury retail stores, sunbathing at the beach, or picnicking at a local park, they’re coming home to some of Florida’s finest real estate. Trusted agent Emily Deleon is well-versed in the Sunny Isles real estate market, and you can count on her for top-tier advice and guidance. Contact Emily when you’re ready to experience Sunny Isles Beach like a local and get started on your new life of luxury.

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