6 Things to Know Before Buying a New Construction Home

6 Things to Know Before Buying a New Construction Home

  • Emily Deleon
  • 10/13/22

Buying a home is an exciting process, especially when that home is not only new to you but newly constructed. Navigating all the things required for new construction homes – from finding quality builders to negotiating pricing – can be a whirlwind to those without experience. Before embarking on your new project, there are a few important steps to take and key facts to learn.
If you have, indeed, decided that you would like your next home to be new construction, it’s essential to be prepared. If you want moving into a gorgeous home that is tailor-made to your liking to be a dream and not a nightmare, here are six important things to know before you begin the process of buying a new construction home.

The builder matters

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Finding a good quality builder for a South Florida new construction home is famously difficult and perilous. Not only are there a vast number of builders, but all are definitely created equal. Many builders will make a lot of promises that sound good, but choosing a reputable builder that produces work with no consistent flaws is not only important but can end up costing money and headaches far beyond what you might think you can save up front.
Certainly, you want to take time to see a builder's previous work. But you also need to know what to look for. Quick research may not be enough. Getting input from an agent with experience in new construction homes like The Paradise Team can help you not only find the builder's previous projects or model homes, but find out what to look for in your inspection. Getting this insight into the finished product and quality that a builder offers can help you decide on the right builder for you.
If there are specific requests or styles of architecture you are interested in, narrowing down a builder based on these stringent requirements will be beneficial to the outcome of your home. In case you are not certain where to start, speak with your agent to receive recommendations on builders that serve your area.

Important matters need to be in writing

If you are buying a home that is currently in construction, custom, or will have ongoing specified edits, any items you agree on with the builder need to be in writing. For example, having a conversation with your builder about how you would like the ceilings in the home to be an additional two feet tall is a great idea. But, there is no specific and legally binding contractual requirement for this unless it is put in writing.
Without requests being in writing, they are just considered requests you believe the builder will honor “in good faith.”  Requests, negotiations, and adjustments can be added as addendums to any standing contracts, scopes of work, or invoices. Apply this to all requests, specifications, and important matters in the process of buying your new construction home.

You still need an inspection

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The idea of purchasing a South Florida new construction home and being the very first person to live in it is an appealing and whimsical idea. Although you will likely have a massive amount of faith in your builder, it is still important to obtain a home inspection. Even though the home is newly constructed and has never been lived in, there could still possibly be issues or oversights that need to be identified with an inspection. Taking the time to have an inspection conducted on your home will ensure the habitability of your new property so you can address any possible issues prior to moving in and allow you to enjoy your new home in comfort and confidence.

Negotiation is not off the table

As a new construction home, you may wonder, “are new home prices negotiable?” In short, the price paid is still not a set-in-stone factor. Depending on your builder, you will likely still be able to make negotiations. These negotiations include not only the price but also any other desires and requirements like added features to the home, outside amenities, and any additional services your builder may offer. Being aware of the ability to negotiate when it comes to your property will ensure you and your builder both come out of the experience satisfied and with an amazing, finished property.

You will be getting the “first owner experience”

Settling into your new construction home will be similar to moving into any property that is completely new to you. Everything in the home will be new and not broken in yet since you are the first owner. Simple things like hinges on cabinets might still be tight until you have frequently opened and closed them.
Since there is no previous owner to notify you about any irregularities or quirks the home may have, these are things you will have to find out for yourself through the experience of living there. Similar to getting to know a new baby or a pet, getting to know your new home and how to best take care of it is a special experience.

Your agent will be your saving grace

Similar to purchasing any home, your agent is a key player in the entire process. The complex process involved in buying a new construction home can overwhelm even seasoned home buyers, as there is room for lots of questions or areas of uncertainty. This is where your agent comes in.
The expertise of a local agent is extremely beneficial in every part of securing your new construction home. You will need to decide on your home’s specifications and features, find a builder, negotiate before beginning the project, obtain an inspection, get home insurance, and complete other tasks that your agent will be an absolute expert in.
Your agent will be able to assist you in deciding on important factors and ensuring that any roadblocks are met with professionalism and skill. This is where Emily Deleon and The Paradise Team will be of the most help to you. Skilled in the process of buying new construction homes, negotiating with buyers, doing buyer research, and many other important areas of real estate, she will guide you through the entire process with ease. Contact Emily Deleon and The Paradise Team today to get one step closer to the home of your dreams.

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